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 Online Exercise coaching based on the Pilates methodology. 

Time for Pilates supports you with effective exercises to build a healthier lifestyle, 

With Pilates you can manage your weight and maintain a youthful shape. Pilates is also great for its original purpose of correcting body movements and poor posture caused by long hours at work. 

With Pilates, age does not matter: Time for Pilates will work with you to develop a program that improves your body and muscle response no matter your age. Why not try it today and see for yourself? At Time for Pilates, we are here for you. 




Excercise at Time for Pilates

Starting from Private Session

As everyone has a unique face and fingerprints, our bodies are also unique. It is important to find a mentor who will help you understand the uniqueness of your own body. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to personal fitness. At Time for Pilates our focus is you!

At Time for Pilates, we believe the foundation of exercise is to master the basic control and understanding of your own body. To focus on you, we start everyone on a private session no matter how much experience you have. 

After establishing a baseline through initial private sessions, you may join group sessions. By then, your Time for Pilates instructor will understand your body, your habits, and your goals—so we can provide you with effective support and guidance during group sessions. 

Time for Pilates's Excersice
Lesson and fees

Private Session

A foam roller and a resistance band will be used during sessions.


The Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Arc are also available upon request. 

After each lesson, we provide access to a video for practice until your next  lesson. 

*First time $95.00 (1.5 hours) 

*From 2nd session $90.00 (1 hour) 

*5 lessons $425.00 (1.5 hours + 1 hour x 4 times = total 5.5 hours) 

Group Mat Pilates 

All participants need to complete Private sessions before joining Group Mat Pilates. 

A foam roller and a resistance band will be used for Group Mat Pilates lessons. 

Group Mat Classes are available as follows:

Tuesday 7:00pm 

Thursday 10:00am- / 7:00pm  

*1 time ticket $25.00 (1 hour) 

*4 tickets $92.00 (@$23.00) 

*8 tickets $160.00 (@$20.00) 

Pilates Equipment class

To participate in these equipment classes you will need access to a Reformer or Tower.


Reformer class
Wednesday 9:00am~

Tower class
Friday 9:00am~ 

*1 class $50
*4 classes $180@$45
*8 classes $320@$40

* All tickets are valid for 4 months. Cancelation within 24 hours will be charged 100%. Package are non refundable and non transferable.

What is Pilates

Pilates is an exercise method that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. The technique brings awareness of the body to move more efficiently and gracefully, and it strengthens and stabilizes your body. Pilates develops the body through muscular effort that stems from the core.  


Learning efficient body movement by Pilates, people can more readily avoid injury and are more likely to perform at a higher physical level than before.


Based on the individual's body condition, Pilates allows you to exercise effectively without having unnecessary pressure. Pilates works for all ages, all physical types, all body conditions, and all people for any athletic level. So, you may continue Pilates as long as you like no matter when you start. Pilates is a lifelong exercise that everyone can enjoy. 

What's Pilates?

I never thought I would do Pilates, now I can’t live without it.  I have always had back issues and Pilates has strengthened my body and improved my flexibility.  Yumiko is very attentive and highly experienced Pilates instructor.  I love all her classes so much I even invested in a reformer machine so that I can continue my reformer classes with her via zoom. 


3 years 5 months
​since joined Time for Pilates

Under Yumiko’s precise and patient instruction in Pilates I have learned to connect my body to my mind in a way I never have before. I began Pilates with Yumiko in my mid 60’s after many years of personal training and have learned a different language of fitness developing my core strength and flexibility.
Yumiko has a keen eye for the precise small adjustments necessary for effective Pilates exercise. Over the past four years, I have been challenged, encouraged, and gained muscle strength in her studio and her remote zoom classes. I recommend her highly!


4 years
​since joined Time for Pilates

Yumiko is an excellent  instructor; she’s a stickler about form, mixes up her classes for variety and manages to keep her classes challenging.  I’ve been a client for 5 years and I always look forward to the next class. 


5 years
​since joined Time for Pilates

About Yumiko Abbott

Yumiko came to United States from Japan at age 35. After graduating college in San Diego, in 2005, Yumiko received certification from BASI Pilates.  


Yumiko continued her studies in health and fitness through Physiology, Anatomy, Nutrition, and Kinematics at University of California, San Diego.  

In 2013, Yumiko opened Time for Pilates in San Francisco. In response to Covid, Yumiko relocated to Portland, Oregon.

[Certification and Education]
Mat Pilates (BASI – Rael Isacowiz) 
Comprehensive Pilates (BASI – Rael Isacowiz)
Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies (BASI) 
Fitness Instruction/ Exercise Science (University of California, San Diego) 
Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise – ACE)
Yoga Teacher Certification (Purusha Yoga)


Yumiko Abbott​ (& Momo)


Including signing up for Private  

Lesson or Special workshop 

You rather speak on the phone? 

Call at (415)314-4963

Thank you.

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